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  • Summer Love !

    It is the perfect season to put an extra effort to finish, or at least make progress in that beautiful project ! The love. The Friendship. The encouragement. is all around. Mutual feelings and willingness to help a fellow Car lover is deep in many of us. more than ever before. We all been for too long inactive, and now we are again on the Road. The Best of everyone is showing in the Different Groups. Helping each other with previous experiences, tips and recommendations. And that, is plain Love in such a Huge Way ! Enjoy Your Ride. Be Safe. And God Bless us in our Journey ! ducky


    Coronavirus is changing our everyday lives and affecting everyone... Keep yourself safe and healthy and do the same for friends and neighbors. While we have no idea how long this course will run, we remain optimistic that in the future we will have opportunities to commune as we always have. Begin, Continue or Finish those car projects in the garage. We are all in this boat together and taking precautions for the common good is the Right Thing to do ! Your health is always priority.

  • Seems Like Two Minutes Ago. . .

    Sebastian Alvarez Was Awarded by the Scuderia Rodriguez Organization in the celebration of his 60 Anniversary with the Highly Prestigious Trophy “ Ricardo Rodriguez “ for his Performance in the British F4 Racing Series. Best Mexican Pilot in 2019. Under the age of 21 ! Celebration At his 17 years he is not just a future promise on the track. But already a seasoned driver with Fantastic achievements and World Titles in his Career. You better keep an eye on him. As he is now in his new phase Moving forward and pursuing those podiums as only he knows. In Fast Fashion ! Congratulations Sebastian.

  • European Collectibles Open House !

    2020 Already and we had tge opportunity to join the Fantastic Open House Event Hosted by “ European Collectibles “ in Costa Mesa CA. The very Best open House on the weekend festivities of the Porsche King of Events ! If you into Porsche Cars, then your dream car was there. From the high end Spectrum of 356 Carreras, 911 RS, Speedsters. To beautiful “projects“ Hand picked and prepared by the Crew of the Master and Commander Nick Clemence. They featured a Very Special “Diamond in the Rough“, a 356 Carrera Cabrío from 1956. In need of Love (and something more). But the definitely worth the effort. Being one of the less than 20 examples ever made ! The event was a total success and they graciously feed us us with delicious Food and Drinks that made the day even greater ! Many many thanks Specially to Chris Casler. For the “T Shirt” but mostly for his friendship of many many years. One of the Very Best Guys in the Porsche Scene. That always is ready to make your Porsche purchase experience a fantastic one. Sharing his knowledge and professionalism. Enjoy the pictures, and don’t hesitate to contact European Collectibles whenever you Crave for an excellent Porsche in your Garage !!! God Bless you Guys.

  • Your Majesty “The Beetle”

    How nice is this car. And when an early model crosses your path. It is hard to resist no to take a few shots. Enjoy !

  • Los Angeles California.

    It is Porsche Time !

  • LAX Here we go !

    Ready to hit the Road, see you guys in the Lit Show in Los Angeles. got a lot of cool Stuff, and some very desirable parts for Pre A cars. Cash is King , so come prepared !!!


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